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Team BlackSheep X-Mas Special: Trolling a French Police Car in Paris with a Quadcopter Drone [HD 3D]

The TBS X-Mas special, taken from a flight near Paris while attending LeWeb 2012. Thanks for all your support, see you next year!

The most easily scared guy in the world?

Check this out!! Basse Andersen from Arendal (Norway) is probably the most easily scared guy you have ever seen!

Produced by: NRK Sørlandet

The Stig in Supermarket Shocker - The Book He Doesn’t Want You To Read

Top Gear’s The Stig was involved in a supermarket shocker with a supercar Lamborghini caught by CCTV camera.

The Stig was seen walking into a store, believed to be Tesco Watford.

He walked up to a table display of his books, ripped down all related POS stacked all the books into a trolly and paid for them. Although one shopper confirmed he saw no actual money pass hands.

The Stig then left the shop and was seen loading the books into a parked Lamborghi, one shopper who caught the whole thing on his phone said the car was filled with copies of the book. It appears The Stig has been going around the country buying up as many copies of the book. What could the book be about?

The book is no ordinary biography and the Stig wasn’t a willing subject. The journalist spent a year following a Stig shaped trail to discover the truth of the man in the white suit. How as he got so many celebrity friends, where does he come from and how exactly did he influence Punk?

The year-long quest took him from Surrey to another part of Surrey to the very ends of Surrey and then, unexpectedly , to Finland before returning to Surrey. Along the way he unearthed remarkable information about The Stig’s influence in areas as diverse as motorsport, international politics and the punk movement. he also got covered in a strange green substance.

The book features interviews with co-stars and respected figures from the World of formula 1. It’s the book he doesn’t want you to read.