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Opel Plays Sweet Prank to Volkswagen Fans at the GTI Meet in Worthersee

The annual GTI Meeting in Worthersee, Austria, is a VW Group-exclusive tuning event where the VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda brands come to show wild concept cars and their customizing options. The event has many followers, especially among young people, which is normal given that it’s a tuning show.

At this year’s edition, visitors were given free 3D glasses to watch the fireworks, with the promise they will see something spectacular. And special it was, as the glasses showed… Opel logos instead of those of VW. The joke was enjoyed by some, while others, more fanatical in their “cult” for Volkswagen, simply burned the glasses.

Naturally, Opel didn’t take official credit for the move, but a video on YouTube that shows how the prank unfolded went viral.

(story from Carscoops)