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Clampy the Rock Crawling 1986 Toyota Pickup! [Dirt Every Day Episode 22]

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred takes you rock-crawling in his 1986 Toyota pickup that he calls Clampy.

Clampy is a rusted, battered, and beat up old truck stuffed full of strong Toyota parts and big Dana axles all turning 40-inch tires. This iconic old beater still does great boulder crawling in the desert.

Grandmas Nissan GT-R Launch Control Reaction: GTR 700+HP Hilarious!

YouTuber Duskin Terteling explains: “I gave my grandma a ride in my GT-R for the first time and she had no idea I was filming because I hid the camera. Needless to say her reaction was priceless!”

The most memorable moment was when Terteling’s grandmother asked him if the GT-R was similar to “Joey’s car, the Prius”.

(story from Carscoops)

Modifying the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser! Cheap Truck Challenge Part 2 [Dirt Every Day Episode 6]

Fred Williams gets dirty in his driveway, preparing the Toyota Land Cruiser for the Cheap Truck Challenge. He rips apart the old Land Cruiser to install new axle shafts, a winch, a new front bumper and anything else he can manage to squeeze in with the tight budget for Cheap Truck Challenge.

Fred also finds a way to fix what he broke in a previous episode. It’s a race against time to see if he can get the car in a competitive form before the event.

Breaking in the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser! Cheap Truck Challenge Part 1 [Dirt Every Day Episode 5]

After World War 2, Toyota began developing an off road vehicle and it eventually earned the name Land Cruiser.

The Land Cruiser has a strong history as a capable 4x4 and today as a luxury SUV.

Fred Williams introduces us to “Peter the Beater” his new beat up, high mileage ‘93 Land Cruiser that he’ll be fixing up for this year’s Cheap Truck Challenge.


2013 Renault Clio RS 200 Turbo vs Toyota GT86

Renault’s new Clio RS 200 is unlike any before it. How does it fare against rear-drive coupes like the Toyota GT86? Steve Sutcliffe heads to the hills to find out.

Para el que quiera comprarse un Ferrari y no puede, este Clio con esa palanquita tipo Formula 1 es muy hnggg…

Meanwhile in Russia: Another Russian Pedestrian Stands His Ground, But is the Driver at Fault?

In the day and age of dashboard cameras, Russian drivers disregarding pedestrian crossings and signs are nothing new, but we’re not exactly sure if the person steering the car in this incident is at blame.

We say this due to the frozen road conditions and the lack of additional details, as for all we know, the driver may have tried to stop progressively.

Regardless of what he/she did or not, the pedestrian seen in the video threw a Hulk-style hissy fit smashing the front end  grille piece on the Toyota Ipsum van before returning for a karate kick ending to the driver’s side fender…

(story from Carscoop)

watch out, we got a badass over here…