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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode VII Jitters Song [adult swim]

The Nerd sings for us all. Everything that could go wrong with Star Wars Episode VII conveniently explained in one hilarious music video.

Seems Legit: Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Filmset Footage!

Looks like the Story of Star Wars plays on Earth too in the next Episode. I took these pictures on my Flight back from the States to Germany at the Frankfurt Airport. Seems like the biggest german airport plays a key role as an imperial starport in the new episode — there have just been imperial forces at the scene. Maybe the Rebelboys hide in Berlin… :-D

(by Frank Wunderlich)

Seems legit, for real.

Frozen Star Wars Parody Music Video (Do You Want to Kill Some Rebels?)

Frozen meets Star Wars for this “Do you want to build a snowman” parody.

In this alternate Star Wars universe music video, the TIE Pilot asks Darth Vader in song “Do you want to kill some rebels?”

Star Wars: The Musical (Disney Parody)

A New Hope: Fan film that collides the worlds of Disney and Star Wars into a musical. Shot entirely on green screen with multi-planer hand painted backdrops in the Disney animated tradition.

LEGO Star Wars: No Life Forms Aboard

In a desperate move, R2-D2 and C3PO flee from Princess Leia’s besieged vessel in an escape pod. Unfortunately, a few Imperial gunners have learned to think for themselves.

Directed and Animated by Kevin Ulrich.

Star Wars: Battle of Hoth - Homemade Shot for Shot

"Rogue Two to Rogue Leader!" Watch the homemade version of the Star Wars: Battle of Hoth. Watch us speed into battle against the oncoming AT-ATs!

Star Wars: I Am Your Father (20 Different Languages)

A video of Darth Vader’s “I am your father” in:

English (Original) – James Earl Jones
Spanish (1980) – Isidro Olace
Spanish (1997) – Frederico Romano
Portuguese – Renato Cardoso
Brazillians – Silvio Navas
German – Heinz Petruo
French – George Aminel
Italian – Massimo Foschi
Catalan – Adam Téodor
Spanish (1999) – Constantino Romero
Czech – Bouhumil Svãrc
Hungarian (1982) – Attila Nagy
Hungarian (1995) – Frigyes Hollosi
Hungarian (2004) – Lajos Krànitz
Russian – Vladimir Isidrorà
Chinese – Huo Kongabarah
Japanese – Ohira Toru
Arabic – Hamed Azza
Hebrew – Azgad Yossi
Jisieno – Roger Tinner
Thaï – Abdul Chalit

Which one is your favorite?