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DIY spaceship bedroom is young geek’s dream

In celebration of an upcoming fifth birthday, Jeremiah Gordon wanted to turn his son’s room into mission control. For any five-year-old, a collection of dials, lights, buttons, and joysticks on a painted board would be more than enough to bring out the sparkle in their eyes.

That might have been the case until Gordon stumbled across a soon-to-be destroyed master control board from a local TV station, which is really all you need to turn a project like this from something fun into something absolutely amazing.

(by Jeremiah Gorman)

Dark Side of the Moon: Fact or Fiction?

Ever hear of the Dark Side of the Moon? Ever hear that there may be no such thing as the Dark Side of the Moon? Watch and Learn.

NASA Earth at Night Animation “The Black Marble”

Scientists unveiled today an unprecedented new look at our planet at night. A global composite image, constructed using cloud-free night images from a new NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite, shows the glow of natural and human-built phenomena across the planet in greater detail than ever before.

Many satellites are equipped to look at Earth during the day, when they can observe our planet fully illuminated by the sun. With a new sensor aboard the NASA-NOAA Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (NPP) satellite launched last year, scientists now can observe Earth’s atmosphere and surface during nighttime hours.


Ascended Essence Presents: ‘DARK FLOW THEORY’



Set for ReleaseDecember 18th, 2012

l33t Recx Presents: Ascended Essence: 
‘Dark Flow Theory’ (The Mixtape) 
Hosted by DJ Hoodie

AE is slated to release the movements first official Mixtape just in time for Armageddon and/or the 2012 conscious shift!! This Mixtape will be *FREE* and followed by an Ascended Essence full album effort due to be release late 2013!!! For more details or inquiries visit or

The D.F.T. Mixtape will be available online via various sources (Torrent, Blogs, Datpiff, Web-Radio, Spotify, Last.FM) and More…. 

Mars Rover Curiosity

Client: GQ iPad -
Director: Dan Winters -
Editor: John Aldrich
Sound Design & Music: Shervin Shaeri @ Mutant Jukebox
Photography: NASA JPL, Dan Winters, David Robertson, Travis Smith
Narrated by: Adam Steltzner, Miguel San Martin, Ann Devereaux, Allen Chen

This is a very special project for me, It has been an honour to collaborate with Dan on this amazing project. Mr Dan Winters ( is a renowned photojournalist, creating portraits of luminaries such as Barak Obama, Niel Young, Tupak Shakur to name but a very few, the list is incredible. His work documenting the final launches of Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis is some of the most beautiful images i have ever seen, it is now on sale on Amazon.

During composing this piece my father was ill with cancer, he passed away just recently and in my own small way i’d like to dedicate this to the memory of him and the fragility and beauty of life.

It has truly been an honour to work with Dan, he allowed me the creative freedom to create as i wanted with little intervention. And of course a big cheers to the Mars Rover Curiosity crew who are inspiring us all with their work.

Shervin Shaeri.

NASA | Computer Model Shows a Disk Galaxy’s Life History

This cosmological simulation follows the development of a single disk galaxy over about 13.5 billion years, from shortly after the Big Bang to the present time. Colors indicate old stars (red), young stars (white and bright blue) and the distribution of gas density (pale blue); the view is 300,000 light-years across.

The simulation ran on the Pleiades supercomputer at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., and required about 1 million CPU hours.

It assumes a universe dominated by dark energy and dark matter.

Credit: F. Governato and T. Quinn (Univ. of Washington), A. Brooks (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison), and J. Wadsley (McMaster Univ.).