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Nokia Lumia Pitching Machine Challenge [HD 3D]

What would happen if you threw a fastball at a Nokia Lumia 920 and a Samsung Galaxy SIII? We decided to find out.

Join the #Switch conversation on Twitter, give us a new challenge for the Lumia, and we just might do it!

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Fandroids, staph!: Nokia is committed to Windows Phone, full stop



If you had your hopes high after yesterday’s news of Nokia possibly considering making an Android phone, here’s bad news for ya: Apparently it was a bad translation by Gizmodo.

Below is the actual transcript of Elop’s message form the interview:

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Nokia + Windows Phone = <3


Urban Armor Gear Composite Case for iPhone 5 with Screen Kit

Technical Details:

  • Feather-light composite construction
  • Armor shell plus impact resistant soft core
  • Screen protector with cleaning kit
  • Easy access to button and ports
  • Glare-free flash photos and uncompromised audio.

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Siri Proxy + Raspberry Pi = Get Siri to open your Garage Door [HD 3D]

Siriproxy running on my Raspberry Pi, along with wiringPi to access a relay attached to the garage door system.
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