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If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokémon Trainers

Daenerys Targaryen:
Rayquaza, Reshiram, Zekrom, Rapidash, Ursaring and Hydreigon

Tyrion Lannister:
Entei, Meowth, Sableye, Ludicolo, Snorlax and Missingno

Jon Snow:
Glaceon, Beartic, Murkow, Cubone, Lampent and Froslass

(vía Dorkly)

Become a Pokémon Trainer: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for Nintendo 3DS

The Next Evolution in Pokémon comes to Nintendo 3DS!

  • All-new Pokemon and past favorites come to life with detailed graphics and intense 3D battles.
  • Become a Pokemon Trainer and set out for adventure in a vast and wondrous new region filled with new Pokemon to catch, trade, and battle.
  • In Pokemon-Amie, you can pet, feed, and play with your Pokemon to form a deeper bond, which may benefit you in future battles.
  • Connect and communicate with players around the world at any time. Challenge them to a battle, trade Pokemon, and much more.

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Pokémon Theme Parody Acapella - Try to Catch a Few! (ft. Smooth McGroove)

A parody of the Pokémon theme song done Acapella!

Dookieshed and Smooth McGroove have teamed up to give you the most EPIC collaboration this side of Victory Road! Every Pokémon game is filled with nameless trainers. We thought it was time they got some recognition.

Lead vocals, lyrics, and midframe by Dookieshed; song arrangement and backing vocals by Smooth McGroove.

Available from iTunes.

LOL: Pokeball Z


Pegbarians are:
Florian Walraven
Thijs Koole
Martijn Calkhoven

Music by: Pete Calandra, BMI, Scott P. Schreer, BMI (