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Grand Theft Auto V (Honest Game Trailers)

Take a trip into the virtual city of Los Santos, an almost perfect replica of Los Angeles. Play through the story as not one, not two, but three F**ked up criminals who enjoy life on the edge. But if violence is not your cup of tea (then seriously why’d you get this game?), you can always relax with a quiet game of tennis, a sailboat adventure on the seas, or yoga classes.

Exclusive Alternate Scene from ‘Gravity’ (Redefines Entire Movie)

Hard to believe, but Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron (“Children of Men”) originally shot an opening scene for Gravity that would have radically changed the film.

Too bad the brass at Warner Bros. rejected this version.

A Game of Social Thrones: Game of Thrones Opening Sequence for Social Medias

At HootSuite we’re big fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones and with the 4th season of GoT finally here we wanted to do our own rendition of the iconic opening titles. After all, uniting warring kingdoms is a story we know a thing or two about.

HootSuite unites social networks under one platform so businesses and organizations of all sizes can collaboratively execute social media strategies across multiple social networks all from one secure web-based dashboard.

Spider-Man In Real Life

We brought Spider-Man to life by having a stunt performer in costume jump off a 20-story building in Midtown Manhattan, surprising the random New Yorkers on the street below.

Created and Directed by Charlie Todd

Produced by Deverge

Music by Tyler Walker

Thrones: Skyrim’s Intro Done Game of Thrones-Style

The Game of Thrones intro re-imagined for Skyrim.

This started off as an exercise to kill time one afternoon about two years ago, never intending it to be a finished product. I continued to work on it here and there throughout various freelance projects, internships, and other personal projects, until it eventually became a burden; my very own “white whale.”

Software used: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, ZBrush

(by Brady Wold)

Who’s This - A Game of Thrones Parody of What’s This from The Nightmare Before Christmas (Spoiler Alert)

An excellent parody of “What’s This” from The Nightmare Before Christmas recapping all the major events from “Game of Thrones” season 1 to 3.

Animated by: Cas van de Pol.
Download the song here:

Game of Phones: A Game Of Thrones Emoji Recap

If George R.R. Martin was a teenage girl, “Game of Thrones” might look more like this.

Game of Thrones Season III Emoji Recap.

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