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Cómo hacer un calendario con es una aplicación web donde puedes hacer cartelería casera o mensajes legibles desde lejos imprimiendo una letra por hoja A4.

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Música: Dan Bryk

Moleskine® Star Wars™: The Origami Battle

Moleskine celebrates a pop icon of our time

director: Alex Orlowski
creative director: Daniela Fuggetta
animator: Lula Gomez
sfx: Gadi for Solo studios


Video Game in a Box

It’s a video game in a box!

Using a Teagueduino and a few inputs and outputs, we put together a physical side-scrolling video game. To control it, there’s a knob on the side. As time advances the game gets faster and faster — can you avoid all the obstacles and make it to the end?

Watch the second half of the video for an overview of how everything is hooked up.

And if you’re curious about Teagueduino and want to buy one, support the project on Kickstarter:​projects/​teague/​teagueduino-learn-to-make