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Meanwhile in Japan: Clean Looking VIP-Style Japanese Sedans Riding on Air Suspensions

One of the more popular fads in the Japanese tuning scene is the VIP Style or “Bippu”, which usually refers to the modification of large Japanese sedans, though we have also seen the same theme being applied to import models as well as to vehicles from other categories.

The common denominator of VIP Style models is a clean and hunkered down look achieved through select aero parts, prominent exhaust pipes, high-end rims with low offsets that sit flush with the fender and a lowered suspension. 

In this video, all four JDM saloons, which include a Lexus GS, a Toyota Majesta, a Nissan Cima and a Nissan Gloria all ride on air suspension systems that allow the drivers to drop their vehicles extremely close to the ground.

(vía Carscoop)