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Halo + Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 + Skyrim (Video Game Theme Cover Medley)

Arranged, recorded, and performed by Sarah Schachner.

Jon Snow - Wildlings ft. Ygritte (Flo Rida / GoT Parody)

Jon Snow raps about his conversion to the wild side in the style of Flo Rida. Featuring Ygritte and a surprise guest rapper.

Game of Thrones Theme Performed on a Bell Tower

The Game of Thrones theme music performed by Lyle Anderson on the UW-Madison Carillon.

The carillon was originally dedicated in 1936 and has 56 bells ranging in size from 15 to 6,823 pounds.

Anderson has been UW-Madison’s official carillonneur for almost 30 years.

La Cumbia de Gokú - Cañada de la Cumbia & Los Weyes Que Tocan

Toda la música es trabajo de Cañada de la Cumbia.
Toda la letra y voz es trabajo de Los Weyes Que Tocan y
Los músicos que aparecen en el vídeo son Los Weyes Que Tocan.