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Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link – Temple/Palace Theme Acapella

An original a-cappella arrangement of Hyrule Temple from Zelda 2 & Smash Bros. by Smooth McGroove.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - A True 8-bit Chiptune

Best version of Skyrim’s theme you can find that is in true 8-bit and in key.

Made by Wyatt Biedermann (ComboverCat).
Made with LSDj on a Game Boy.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media Company.

San Diego Comic Con 2014  Cosplay Music Video (by Sneaky Zebra)

A fantastic new cosplay music video by Sneaky Zebra.

San Diego Comic Con! The geek mecca for anything Comic, TV, Gaming or Movie related and we took our camera’s to find some of the amazing and talented cosplayers wandering the halls!

What Really Happens at Comic-Con (Music Video)

What it’s really like to be at San Diego Comic Con, songified.

Written by: Chad Neidt
Performed by: Chad Neidt and Andy Riesmeyer
Produced by: Andy Riesmeyer
Executive Producer for DweebCast: Jesse Gill

Iron Maiden - Dance of Death (Cover by Harp Twins - Camille and Kennerly)

Identical Twins Camille&Kennerly play their electric duet harp arrangement of “Dance of Death” by Iron Maiden.

Music Arranged by Camille and Kennerly
Music Produced by Camille and Kennerly
Video Concept by Camille and Kennerly
Video Edited by Camille and Kennerly
Costuming by Camille and Kennerly
Everything else by Camille and Kennerly

Audio Recording = No studio or sound engineer. No splices, edits, loops, overlays, or backtracks. Just 2 harps — 1 audio take!

Available on iTunes / Amazon.

10-Year-Old Girl Does EPIC Performance of Slayer’s War Ensemble on Rocksmith 2014

Watch as 10-year-old Audrey gets a score of 97% performing Slayer’s War Ensemble on Rocksmith 2014. Also, be sure to watch her little sister scream her lungs out to accompany her.

(by audrey123talks)

Artists vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Finale!

This is the Epic Rap Battles of History, Season 3 Finale!

Butts + Mutts [COSMO]

Watch shirtless male models do push-ups with adorable puppies.

Warning: “Buuuuutts annnd muuuuutts” is going to get stuck in your head after this.

Director/Producer: Liz Lanteri
Assistant Producer: Lee Havlicek
Post-Production Supervisor: Liz Dewey
Editors: Andrew Lyman-Clarke, Marcos Levy & Ed Kulzer
Shooters: Kristina Carucci, Danny Dwyer & Robbie Gregson
Song By: Sarah Dooley & Evan Johnston

If you’d like to adopt Michael, Zoe, Jod-ee, Roger or Boshka, please contact