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Meanwhile in Russia: Lada 2104 Performs a Kamikaze Act on the Highway

All we know is that several drivers on this highway should consider themselves extremely fortunate for not getting into a deadly head-on collision with Russia’s version of the “Kamikaze” act and just hope that we don’t discover a related dash-cam video over the next couple of days…

(vía Carscoop)

Meanwhile in the Middle East… Hagwalah

For around two minutes, we see the driver of a baby blue pickup truck that had been involved in one too many accidents judging from the condition of the body panels, spinning the car on a public road.

Nothing new, right? Well, not exactly, as the driver was going in drifting circles right in the middle of a massive crowd with some people getting right in front of the truck as it was drifting!

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Meanwhile in Russia: SUV Driver Shoots at a Lada, Uncomfortably Waits for Green Light

The driver of a Volkswagen Tiguan takes aim and shoots towards what looks like to be a Lada Samara in what we assume to be a fit of road rage.

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Me asustó el mardito D:

Meanwhile in Irak…

We’re all for driving your car to the ground in order to save on the cash but this owner seems to have taken it to the extreme.

Even though the yellow sedan of unknown origins still has a working engine, a driver’s seat and four wheels, the rest of the car is in shreds.

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Meanwhile in Russia: That’s One Way to Show a Girl a Good Time [HD 3D]

One thing we can tell you for sure about this video is that the young man you see sitting in front of the young lady at the back of the electric bus wasn’t driving - at least not the trolley… What these two youngsters were doing with the paper bags in their hands is also another mystery (perhaps not if you have a vivid imagination…), but then again, so is just about everything we see on Russian dashcams.

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Meanwhile in Japan: Clean Looking VIP-Style Japanese Sedans Riding on Air Suspensions

One of the more popular fads in the Japanese tuning scene is the VIP Style or “Bippu”, which usually refers to the modification of large Japanese sedans, though we have also seen the same theme being applied to import models as well as to vehicles from other categories.

The common denominator of VIP Style models is a clean and hunkered down look achieved through select aero parts, prominent exhaust pipes, high-end rims with low offsets that sit flush with the fender and a lowered suspension. 

In this video, all four JDM saloons, which include a Lexus GS, a Toyota Majesta, a Nissan Cima and a Nissan Gloria all ride on air suspension systems that allow the drivers to drop their vehicles extremely close to the ground.

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Meanwhile in Russia: Awesome Russian Style Drifting! [HD]

Awesome Russian Style Drifting more entertaining than the arab’s that looked like an extremely lucky save.

Just notice how quickly the dashcam vehicle was able to slow down, so that dude def had time to brake.