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Is Pixar’s “Brave” princess a lesbian?

Because any 15-year-old girl who resists an arranged marriage has gotta be gay.

También los niños que solo juegan con niños y forman clubs de “solo varones”… eso, también es gay.

2013 Toyota Auris Daikanyama ArtStreet + Avu-Chan

監督 柿本ケンサク 



Avu-chan, a 19-year old trans woman of African-American and Japanese descent who is the lead singer of Ziyoou-vachi (“Queen Bee”), a gender-bending teenage glamrock band from Japan.

The video is named “DAS × AURIS BUTTOCKS DRIVE!!” and it was made for the “Daikanyama Art Street” (DAS) art and music festival held from August 20 to 26 in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

(vía Carscoop)


GaymerCon is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBT geek culture.

Community is important. We believe that there are a great amount of Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Bisexual, and Gender Queer folks out there, of every color and creed, that at the end of the day, love to geek out. Geek about video games, tabletop games, tech stuff, comics - all that fun stuff. And we believe that creating a community for these folks, Gaymers as they are affectionally dubbed, is important to help shape a more tolerant and safer space in gaming. After all, everyone games.

The stereotypes about gamers are many, but the core is the perception that gamers are usually straight white conservative guys in dark rooms furiously mashing at a controller. That’s not the reality. Gamers come in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, and sexual identities. Unfortunately stereotypical bias among gamers does exist and it can make a hostile environment for minorities in the gaming community. Hang around an online game long enough and you’ll start hearing homophobic, racial, and misogynistic slurs slung around without a second thought. Gamers have had to make space for themselves in a society that, for a long time, treated them as outsiders. They have come together and created a real community of people, but one that is not always welcoming if you don’t fit into the stereotypical mold. Just like most gamers, queer geeks and gaymers want that same sense of community and belonging. Therefore we intend to create a space where all gamers and queer geeks can come together in a welcoming and safe space.