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Meanwhile in Russia: Lucky Car Avoids 2 Crashes

A driver avoids crashing into an oncoming car and captures the moment another car crashes into the truck pulling it out from a ditch. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

¡Tremendo coñazo! :-o

Meanwhile in Russia: Lada Grass Drifter Goes from Slide-ways to Down-ways

A festive group of young farmers or hunters, possibly from Russia, judging by the music and the language heard in the footage, were out in the open having some fun in nature when one of them decided to take his classic Lada sedan for a drift ride on the wet grass.

All was going well until his final stunt as the youngster miscalculated the distance between the end of the land and the beginning of a ditch leading to a river (or a lake, we can’t be certain from this angle)…

(story from Carscoop)

Meanwhile in Russia: Lada Driver is a Prime Candidate for a Living Crash Dummy

The driver of the classic Lada saloon coming from the right failed to comprehend the meaning of the arrows on the road pointing towards the inner lane, while also overestimating the acceleration and braking capabilities of his car…

(vía Carscoop)

Here’s A New Candidate for Idiot Driver of the Year (Explicit)

Filmed on November 5, 2012 in the city of Tashkent, which is the capital of Uzbekistan, we see a group of cars slowing down at a pedestrian crossing to let a man walk through.

One driver, however, was in such a hurry that he (or she) did not even attempt to decrease speed and drove in between two other cars hitting the pedestrian in the process.

The young man was hurt but luckily alive.

(vía Carscoop)

Meanwhile in Russia: Always Look Towards the…Right Side of the Road

Even as is kids, we are all taught to cross the road safely and that’s something that should stay with us forever, right? Well, perhaps that holds true for most people, but some insist on following their own rules and ultimately, pay the price for it…

Like the man in this video who not only forgot about pedestrian crossings–though in all fairness, for all we know, there may not have been one nearby, but while he was walking through the moving cars and trucks he failed to remember one very basic rule: always look towards the direction that the cars are coming from.

In this case, since he was crossing the right lane of the road, he should have looked towards his left side and not the right.

As scary as the accident that followed may look, the man was extremely lucky not to be lodged between the car and the truck, making it out alive and well.

(vía Carscoop)

Meanwhile in Russia: Driver Thrown Out of his Car after Crash Walks Away (Explicit) [HD 3D]

Try telling that to the driver of the black VAZ 21099 (some may also know it as the Lada Samara in certain markets) that was involved in a scary accident in Russia.

The Samara was crossing through a road when another driver in a silver Lada 112 liftback slammed into it from the westbound lane sending the car into a 270-degree turn.

The driver of the black sedan wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and was thrown out of the car. Out of pure luck, the man wasn’t hurt seriously and was able to get up and walk away from the crash.

(vía Carscoop)

Meanwhile in Russia: Lada 2104 Performs a Kamikaze Act on the Highway

All we know is that several drivers on this highway should consider themselves extremely fortunate for not getting into a deadly head-on collision with Russia’s version of the “Kamikaze” act and just hope that we don’t discover a related dash-cam video over the next couple of days…

(vía Carscoop)