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The Internet Goes to Washington

Gawker, Buzzfeed, Reddit, and The Huffington Post go to the White House to ask the hard-hitting questions.

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Meanwhile in Russia: Kids Steals Dad’s Infiniti and Go for a Joyride, Share Video with the World

We all know that children have, and will always be mischievous. One big difference today is that, when they do something they know deep down inside is wrong, for some reason, they make use of modern technology to record their actions, which, of course, usually turns around to bite them in their behinds later on.

Then again, it’s probably for the best that they do as action can be taken to prevent them from doing it again.

Take these two youngsters for example; they can barely reach the gas pedal, yet one of them took off with his father’s (?) Infiniti and hit the road with the other filming their extremely dangerous escapade, which could have easily ended in a serious accident…

(vía Carscoop)