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LOLWUT: 16 People Laughing Without Smiling (Vine Compilation)

A compilation of 16 people who laugh with barely any facial expressions at all.

This is a lot creepier than it sounds.


El último y la caraja que no aguanta y pierde el reto (¿?).

PicturePhone: How Bell Telephone Lost a Half Billion, But Nearly Created the Internet [Stories of Technological Failure - Part 3]

How Bell Telephone’s PicturePhone, introduced in 1964, flopped yet nearly catalyzed the internet.

Technically, it was an amazing achievement: Bell used the existing twisted-pair copper wire of the telephone network — not broadband lines like today — to produce black and white video on a screen about five inches square. And, amazingly for the time, it used a CCD-based-camera. It was meant to be the most revolutionary communication medium of the century, driving subscribers to purchase broadband lines, but failed miserably as a consumer product costing Bell a half billion dollars.

This is one of three videos in a series on marketplace failures of technological objects.