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WTF: Driver Flips Honda Fit/Jazz Seven Times and Walks Away!

This man is just minding his own business, driving his Honda Fit/Jazz through the rain, onto the highway. However, something destabilizes the car, and it snaps into oversteer, turns onto its side and rolls seven times, landing on its roof far away from the road.

The video is shot from inside the car, and we get to see the horror of the crash from the point of view of the driver, who, by the way, managed to walk away unscathed!

As he gets out of the overturned Fit, he grabs his camera to capture one final shot of the wreck. It reveals that despite being severely bent out of shape, the Japanese supermini’s passenger cell had kept its shape quite well.

(story from Carscoops)


2013 Honda Civic Hatch Aero Pack Style (European Version)

The Japanese brand’s Aero Pack enhances the five-door model with a newly designed front bumper with the top section finished in a body-matching colour and the lower in a carbon-inspired look, while the rear end of the car gains a different bumper in the same finishes.

Completing the look is a new set of ‘Argon’ alloy wheels in a matte clear coat with contrasting GunPowder Black windows, that are available in two sizes, either 17-inch or 18-inch.

(story from Carscoop)

Vossen 2012MY Honda Crosstour

Miami based wheel manufacturers Vossen is showing off a uniquely tuned example of the pre-facelift Honda Crosstour fitted with a rather discreet aero package comprising front and rear aprons and side sills.

What really makes this white-colored Crosstour stand out (metaphorically and literally speaking, if you take a close look at the pictures), are Vossen’s own 20-inch CV3 five-spoke wheels that are combined with a lowered sports suspension modified to achieve a negative camber.

(vía Carscoop)