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New Zealand Smashes Guinness World Records: 16 Girls in a Smart Car?! - Episode 6

16 girls in a smart car and backflips against a wall - it’s all happening in this episode!

This week’s episode features the most people crammed into a Smart Car, Malteser catching and most backflips off a wall!

Largest Collection of Video Game Memorabilia - Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2013

In 1989, eight-year-old Brett Martin’s (USA) parents gave him a 4-cm (1.6-in) Mario holding a mushroom. As of October 2012, Brett has amassed a treasure trove of 8,030 items, many of which you can see at

Guinness Science [Sixty Symbols]

Strange bubbles and foam are part of the allure of Guinness - at least when you discuss it with an Irish physicist.

Sixty Symbols is in Dublin discussing the nation’s much-loved beverage.

Guinness - Made Of More

A Behind-the-Scenes look the ‘Made of More’ Sculpture

Film directed by JAKE & JOSH
Music by Woodkid

Artistic Director and Curator: David Wilson

Produced by BlinkArt

Featuring the work of: Village Green, Jethro Haynes,Benedict Hughes, Robert Hunter, Bradley Jay, Corin Johnson, Mark Judges, Micah Lidberg, Alex Simpson, Jason Bruges Studio.

Art Directors: Sam & Arthur

Carvers: Tom Ball, Chris Burbidge, Orlando Campbell, Saena Koo, Julius Lightfood, Artsem Malakhouski, Clementine Nuttall, Maureen Otwell, Joseph Stokes

Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Team: Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith

Guinness World Record Setting Downhill Skateboard Run

Recon Instruments Provides Custom Heads-up Display for Guinness World Record Setting Downhill Skateboard Run.

How Mercedes-Benz & David Coulthard made ‘The Catch’

Formula 1™ legend David Coulthard and pro-golfer Jake Shepherd explain what happened when they tried to catch a golf ball travelling at 178 mph in the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster.

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David Coulthard catches 178mph golf ball in Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Watch Formula 1™ legend David Coulthard and pro-golfer Jake Shepherd set a new world record - farthest golf shot caught in a moving car - with the help of the Mercedes—Benz SLS AMG Roadster. The car caught the ball 275 metres away from the tee.

This stunt was verified by Guinness World Records.

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Tightest parallel parking - Guinness World Record Video of the Week 3rd August 2011

The tightest parallel parking measured 26 cm (10.24 in) and was achieved by Ronny Wechselberger a.k.a. “Ronny C-Rock” (Germany) on the set of Guinness World Records - Wir holen den Rekord nach Deutschland in Berlin, Germany on 2 April 2011.

NOTE: this record has since been broken on the set of our Chinese TV show, when Zhang Hua squeezed a car into a space just 24cm longer than that of the vehicle - look out for this video later in the year!