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LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord’s Mix Tape

Star-Lord’s most prized possession is a mix tape left to him by his mother. But after playing the tape every day for over 20 years, the quality might have degraded… just a little…

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Made out of Paper! [Paper Movies]

I AM GROOT! (And I am in a world made of PAPER!) Travis will be taking over a few episodes of HOMEMADE MOVIES here on CineFix, but first, he wanted to show you all what he does best: Paper Movies! So, here’s his take on the movie everyone’s talking about: Guardians of the Galaxy!!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in LEGO!

The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer completely redone in LEGO!

Directed by Forrest Whaley
Animation by Sean Willets & Forrest Whaley
Production Assistance provided by Paul Hollingsworth

Guardians of the Galaxy © 2014 Marvel. Rated PG-13.
IMAX© is a registered trademark of the IMAX Corporation.