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In Russia, If You Don’t Succeed Hitting a Pedestrian at First, Try Again in Reverse…

One of the many recording devices used by Russian motorists captured a very bizarre incident in the country’s capital city of Moscow. Approximately six seconds into the clip, we see the driver of a black Mercedes-Benz GL-Class making an illegal U-turn.

Some 30 seconds later, what we assume to be the same car, since we didn’t notice another black GL passing by from the opposite lane, comes into the picture…in reverse (and no doubt without watching what’s going on the road), knocking down a pedestrian that was crossing the road!

(story from Carscoop)

Preview: Vilner 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL

One particular owner of the previous generation GL-Class had no need for the extra seats and was looking for a way to up the luxury ante for the rear passengers. Here is where Bulgarian design studio Vilner stepped in.

The company’s solution was to ditch the two rear rows of seats and replace them with a pair of individual seats (with softer padding) sourced from the front passenger compartment of another GL-Class model while also designing a new center console complete with an armrest, cup holders and an aluminum iPad cradle.

Vilner then reworked the entire cabin adding extra doses of soundproof material from Ground Zero and dressed the interior in a mix of lavish leather and Alcantara. The final touch came with a new high-end audio system that can be controlled by an iPad.

(vía Carscoop)

2013 Mercedes Benz GL-Class

“The new GL-Class occupies the top position amongst luxury SUVs,” says Joachim Schmidt, vice president of the Mercedes brand. “With its comprehensive assistance systems it has a pioneering role where safety and comfort are concerned, and is on a par with an S-Class – even off the beaten track.”

(vía Carscoop)