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AWESOME: Social Media Sites and Browsers as Anime Characters

These awesome adaptations of social media sites and browsers as anime-style characters come from the mind of american artist *Jon-Lock.

(by *Jon-Lock on deviantART)

What If Girls Were Internet Browsers

Fashion Affair Magazine
What if Girls Were Internet Browsers
Photographer Viktorija Pashuta
MUA’s Tokiko Inoue & Heiddis Ros
Hair Stylist Tre Major
Stylist Chalia Young
Models Kaylen Dao, Brittany Ryan, Clancy McClain, Tracy Acholonu, Polina Frantsena

(by Viktorija Pashuta)

12 Best Firefox Add-ons of 2012

Firefox users love add-ons – those little pieces of software that enhance your Web browsing experience. Each month, a group of Mozillians — who especially love add-ons — comes together to look at the newest, latest and greatest Firefox Add-ons, and recommend the best of the best to other Firefox users. Here’s a look back at the 12 best add-ons of 2012, as recommended by this add-ons board.

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