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7 Facts About The Dark Knight You (Even You!) Probably Didn’t Know

You know the Dark Knight was one of the most complex superhero movies ever. But did you know these seven surprising behind-the-scenes factoids??

These 7 facts will make you appreciate Christopher Nolan’s vision, Heath Ledger’s performance, and the hard work of everyone who worked on the Dark Knight all the more. Or at least you’ll know some obscure trivia so you can out-geek your geeky friends.

What did you think of these obscure facts? Did any of them take you by surprise? Are you already planning a trip to Batman, Turkey, to take a picture in of yourself wearing a Batman costume (come on, we know we’re not the only ones who thought of that)?

Should You Hover Or Cover The Toilet Seat?

Public bathrooms can be pretty gross – but should you be worried about contamination? Is the toilet seat really all that dirty or dangerous?

Science breaks down whether you should hover or cover the toilet seat.

Nintendo Facts That Will Change The Way You Play

Did you know that to scale, Mario has a 27-foot vertical jump? This is just one of many facts you might know know about Nintendo listed in this video!

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