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Guardians of the Galaxy Director Surprises Fans! (Dragon Con 2014)

James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) and his brother Sean (who played a couple roles in the film) surprised Marvel cosplayers at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

Avengers comic book artist George Perez also showed up to hang with fans.

That’s Hot: Thrilling Match Burning Experiment in Slow Motion [Slow Mo Lab]

In this video, Taras and DIma burn matches in super slow motion with a torch. The slow motion footage at 1000 fps - 5000 fps is quite thrilling.

(Watch it in HD)

Super Mario Kombat: Super Mario World (Super Mario World + Mortal Kombat Mashup)

Shang Tsung May be the Ultimate Player for Super Mario World Ever! Find Out Why as he Fights His way Through Super Mario World.

Short Film: Shadow Of Mordor (Live Action Based in the Video Game)

Krimp the Orc is about to have a very bad day. Like, Wraith bad.

Based on the awesome video game “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor”.

Star S’Mores (Star Wars Parody) [Sesame Street]

A long time ago in a cookies and milky way galaxy far, far away… Princess Parfaita was taken prisoner by the evil Galactic Empire and had to be saved by a group of unlikely heroes including the young Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Chewie the Cookie.