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Creating Planets with Dry Ice Bubbles [SHANKS FX - PBS Digital Studios]

Dry ice, the solid form of Carbon Dioxide, is often used for creating captivating visual effects due to its mystifying nature. Episode 3 reveals how transforming packaged dry ice into bubble form can represent celestial bodies. Look for the episode extra next Friday!

Music by Big Fok:


Cartoon Network Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

Halloween’s just around the corner, but it’s not too late to light up the night with your favorite Cartoon Network characters! Check out our FREE Cartoon Network Halloween Pumpkin Stencils and click to download a zipped file with the stencils and instructions! Get carving, and Happy Halloween!!

(vía Cartoon Network)


DIY: Tenius MiniITX Computer Case

In short, Tenuis is a prototype of a miniITX based system, made of aluminium and solid walnut.

It’s designed as a living room PC, or, as in my case at the moment, as a general use computer, sitting next to my desk.

It can house as mentioned, any miniITX board, full size graphics card up to 190mm long, miniITX PSU, two HDDs/SSDs, and slot loader optical drive.

Not for hardcore gaming, but it plays D3 at full no problem, if you as me.

(by Gtek)


FACARO: Recycled Bicycle Chandeliers

This developing body of work draws inspiration from the aesthetics of victorian era chandeliers, DIY and Bike Culture, and follows an art tradition of utilizing non artistic materials for sculpture.

This series addresses class codes, power dynamics, reclaimed agency, and ecological responsibility. The traditional chandelier is seen as a bourgeois commodity, a cachet of affluence, excess, and as such power. The recycled bicycle parts become a representation of the dismissed, invisible, and powerless, but are also an affirmation of self-propelled movement. The bicycle chandelier thereby creates a new third meaning of reclaimed agency.

(vía Etsy)

DIY: Become a Mad Cyborg… Part human, part dead computers

M.C. Langer was an ordinary DIY artist until a bizarre accident (papercut printing an instructable) crippled him physically and mentally. Now, he had to rebuild his damaged body with dead computers pieces for the only target in his twisted mind: REVENGE AGAINST INSTRUCTABLES.COM!!

(What?? It was a big papercut. And It hurt so much. And the instructable was the Bacon Cheesecake Brownies recipe. I’m barely alive…)

If you want to join me in this insane quest, you will need your own cyborg attachments, so I will teach you how to make props of a mechanical arm (the clamp can be activated by spring action or motorized action, I will show both possibilities), a face plate (the eye lights) and the battle vest (the chest plate lights too).

And the best part? The props are made 90% of dead computers pieces. You will find here plastic cases of almost any kind of computer parts or accessories related with computers, PC and MAC. (Curiously, the only thing you will not find here is a mouse).

(by M.C. Langer)

Chávez que no se meta con los colombianos, capáz y nos manden una tropa de cyborgs así hehehehe… <3