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How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand

This is one of those things that seems so obvious, and yet if it were actually as intuitive as it feels, why the heck haven’t we been doing it our whole lives?

Learn this simple technique to help you draw a near perfect circle freehand. Could be useful for drawing charts and diagrams, and sketches, or just use it to challenge your friends in a ‘who can draw the neatest freehand circle’ competition!

Halloween Makeup: E.T Extra Terrestrial Makeup Tutorial

A cool (but fairly complex) E.T. face makeup tutorial.

Products Used:
Wolfes Brown, Ivory and Black Face Paint
BH COsmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette (Black and Brown eyeshadows)

Reload Drills and Recoil Management With the HK G3

Here we show a couple of tactical and fast reload techniques and a quick tutorial for a better recoil managment with the HK G3.

Tactical reload is the action of reloading a weapon that has only fired a few rounds out of its magazine, and retaining the original magazine.

Fast reload or speed reload is the action of reloading a weapon in a very short amount of time by ejecting the empty magazine on the ground and loading a full magazine in the firearm.