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Land Rover Defender Concept 100

Land Rover design director told British publication Autocar that, since then, various different concepts have been developed in addition to the DC100 for the new Defender that is due “in the middle of the decade”.

McGovern also revealed that the new model will be quite different compared to the original, which has spun six decades. “A like-for-like replacement for theDefenderwould not be appropriate and wouldn’t be legal with safety legislation”, he said. “We can still capture the essence of the past but in a modern way.”

According to McGovern, whatLand Roverneeds is “a new Defender for a new generation, so it has to be relevant and desirable to a modern audience”. At the same time, however, he insists that it will retain certain attributes of the legendary off-roader: “It has to have the essence of the Defender. James Bond needs to be able to kick the hell out of it and it will still be able to get up for more.”

(vía Carscoop)

Land Rover Defender DC100 Concept

Replacing the iconic Defender is one of the biggest challenges in the automotive design world; it is a car that inspires people worldwide. This isn’t a production-ready concept but the beginning of a four-year journey to design a relevant Defender for the 21st century.

(vía Carscoop)