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Game of Thrones Theme on Flaming Bagpipes and Unicycle [The Unipiper]

Fire breathing dragon on unicycle circles Khaleesi while playing the Game of Thrones theme on bagpipes!

If Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody Was a Wookiee Bounty Hunter

This is Snoova, the Wookiee Bounty Hunter mercenary who was active during the Galactic Civil War.

This is some impressive cosplay by mcm1015.

Etna Comics 2013 - Cosplay Video

Rakuen Cosplay presenta il Video Cosplay dell’evento Etna Comics 2013.

Riprese e Montaggio di Riccardo Tropea e Giovanna Passaro.

Cosplay Piano: Game of Thrones

Award winning Pianist Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey take us on a journey through Westeros in Episode 4 of Cosplay Piano. Enjoy the arrangement of “The Song of Ice and Fire” like you’ve never heard it before.

Arranged and Performed by: Sonya Belousova

Enrique Lara - Percussion
Burak Besir - Flutist, Vocals, and all around epic guy!
Abby the Piano as herself. (Get well soon Abby, Love Tom & Sonya)

Created and Directed by: Tom Grey @TheRealTomGrey

Director of Photography: Ryan Meyer

© 2013 Vuguru POW! Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Animazement 2013 - Epic Cosplay

Shot and cut by Micah Moore. If you want more of this music:
J.L.T. -
Fissunix -
Pogo -

It was great seeing everyone at Animazement. I had a really awesome time. AZ has a strict camera policy compared to most cons, so I mostly just got shots of people outside of the convention on Saturday. There were a lot of great costumes that I missed. I definitely look forward to next year, though I may just hang outside with the other photographers and media.

London Comic Con 2013 - Cosplay Music Video

London Comic Con landed in May 2013 and blessed with the rare event of a sunny weekend in the UK the crowds piles in for 3 days worth of cosplay, games, comics and film so we took our Flycam along to capture some of the amazing costumes and atmosphere to show off just how the awesome the UK cosplay scene is!

With special guests Mark Meer & Rana McAnea!