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London Super Comic Con - Cosplay Music Video

Its the first Con of 2013 over in the UK and we couldn’t resist the chance to bring the FlyCam out and get some of the amazing cosplayers on film.

Filmed over two days at London Super Comic Con ( londonsupercomicconvention) we got to meet old friends and new all with awesome costumes.

Spider-Man Kissing Prank

Happy Valentines Day! We put the infamous “Spider-Man upside down kiss” to the test at USU. Special thanks to all of those who took our “survey.”

We shot this video using a Canon 5D Mark 3. In order be far enough away so the people didn’t know we were on camera, we used a Canon 70-200mm L series lens. It was very convenient because we could set up the camera far away, but still zoom on people’s faces and capture their reactions.