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Spoiler Alert: Transformers 4 Spoilers! [Animation Domination High-Def]

Optimus Prime AND Mark Wahlberg FACE-TO-FACE!!!!

Masters of the Universe - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (2012)

This epic, limited-edition DVD collection celebrates the adventures of The Most Powerful Man in the Universe with three animated series that encompass the legacy of He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®.

The collection relives the excitement of the most phenomenal stories ever created in animation across 189 captivating episodes along with hours of ancillary footage and exclusive bonus items that comprise this definitive Masters of the Universe® Collector’s set.

Product Features:

  • He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®
  • The New Adventures of He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®
  • He-Man® and the Masters of the Universe®
  • Additional Collectible Bonus Items: Exclusive Power Sword®, Audio Soundtrack, All-New Documentary, Episode Guide.

(available on Gabestore)

Mad Men + X-Men = Mad X-Men Don Draper’s Future Past

To save the world Professor X, Mystique, Magneto, & Wolverine travel back in time to prevent the worst kind of destruction, self-destruction. They must stop Don Draper from completely imploding, and taking down all of humanity with him.

In the second parody installment from Quizno’s Toasty.TV, Don Draper takes on the X-Men for a battle like no other.

(see previous parody House of Thrones: Game of Thrones meets House of Cards Parody)