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EPIC BATTLE! Goku vs Superman Flipbook Animation

Goku vs Superman in an epic battle by etoilec1.

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Duct Tape: DuckTales Theme Parody

We remaster the DuckTales Theme with the manliest tool ever: DUCT TAPE!

Directed by Michael Schroeder
Camera by Brian Fisher and Michael Schmidt
Edited by Ryan Tellez
VFX by Brian Fisher
Written and arranged by Ryan Tellez

10 Little Known Facts About Marvel

We can’t tell you how Iron Man’s suit works, or how the Hulk’s pants stay in shape, but we can tell you 10 little-known facts about Marvel.

Music: Agent Assassin by Kes Loy and Richard Kimmings.

The Cast of Family Guy as Game of Thrones Characters

Created by Eric La Sorda, who posted his work on Reddit, he cast the Griffin family and their neighbors as characters from Game of Thrones.

As usual, Meg gets the short end of the weirwood stick.

(vía Reddit)

Adventure Time LEGO Main Title [Cartoon Network]

Check out the opening of Adventure Time created with LEGO!