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Lucky Rider - سائق دراجة نارية محظوظ

Lucky rider succeeds to manage his bike after some Rodeo riding
سائق دراجة محظوظ يستعيد السيطرة على دراجته بعد قيادة جامحة

For more information :!/arabmotorstv

Chuck Norris Approves: Severe Accident. Two Trucks Crash. 1 Man Flies Out Of Truck Window (But Walks To Talk Another Tale).

Thrilling accident occurred in Taichung! A red light running violations of gravel trucks, straight trucks collided at the crossroads, on the spot all the cracked windshield caused by truck, sitting in the driver’s seat of the man was even vice pop-up vehicle, but fortunately only by his hand laceration , and this thrilling moment, all the people driving recorder being shot down.