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Import Inspiration, Domestic Execution [Big Muscle]

When Ariel Alvarez began building his 1973 ‘cuda, never cared about making it pretty, period-correct, or doing what the forum members said he should do. He focused on track performance first, looks (a distant) second, and that’s what he ended up with.

However, as with all custom builds, there may be a few kinks left to work out…

Chrysler Group Rumored to Replace Challenger with Smaller and Lighter SRT Barracuda in 2015

Car & Driver reports that the Barracuda will indeed make a comeback. It says Chrysler Group plans to replace the Challenger in 2015 and join the Viper in SRT’s expanding range.

According to the publication, the new ‘Cuda will bear no resemblance to the model it replaces. That’s because the current Challenger is based on a version of Chrysler’s LX platform, which was “borrowed” from Mercedes-Benz during the Daimler era and also underpinned the Dodge Magnum and Charger and the Chrysler 300.

The platform is deemed too big for a modernBarracuda, which is expected to be more than eight inches shorter than the Challenger and feature a wheelbase reduced by six inches making it similar in size to the Ford Mustang. It is also said to shed up to 350 pounds (160 kg) over the Challenger.

With partnerFiatneeding a rear-wheel drive platform for its Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands, it makes sense for the group to develop a more compact RWD architecture that will not feel cumbersome in overseas markets.

(vía Carscoop)

Plymouth Barracuda Concept (Dodge Challenger)

Is there room in the U.S. market for an another retro-style muscle car? According to Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s chief designer and boss of the Dodge brand, the answer to that question is yes. At last week’s SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas, Gilles told show-goers at the Mopar stand that he is “seriously thinking of how to revive the Plymouth Barracuda.”

“There’s a lot of pressure on us to bring the ‘Cuda back,” said Ralph Gilles. Speaking with reporters he added that “the customers have (been) stomping their feet for it.”

Being that the Plymouth brand was phased out from the Chrysler Group’s portfolio back in 2001, if the ‘Cuda were to be revived, it would probably be marketed under the Chrysler brand. And like the original 1970s model, it would be based off the current Dodge Challenger.

This is not the first time that Chrysler Group has toyed around with the idea of bringing back the ‘Cuda nameplate, but due to ownership changes and of course, last year’s bailout, the company was forced to put all plans on hold.

(vía Carscoop)