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Mario Warfare - Part 4

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Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, author of “Leave the Birds Alone” (, James Conason, and Cody D Walton.

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End Credits Music is Serphonic “Looking at the Black Clouds”:

The Solar System: Our Home in Space

The solar system - well known from countless documentaries. 3D animation on black background. This infographic videos tries something different.

Animated infographics and a focus on minimalistic design puts the information up front. We take the viewer on a trip through the solar system, visiting planets, asteroids and the sun.

Super Mario Brothers Parkour [In Real Life]

Mario and Luigi doing what they do best: freerunning.

Here’s where you can download the song!

Introducing the Google Saber

Google recently gave some experimental lightsabers, code-named GSabers, to a bunch of Youtubers, which gave light on the true nature of some of them.

Directed by: Trey Stokes
Cinematography: Michael Solomon
Edited by: Brian Finifter

How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended

While the scientists are unlocking the keys to the inter-dimensional bridge, Raleigh and Mako rethink the Jaeger defensive strategy after discovering the effects of their classic Kaiju killing weapon.

Skyrim: Into the Void (Fan Film)

Dovahkiin, the noble dragonborn hero, is cursed in a fight with a vampire. He spends a considerable time wandering the realm before being captured by the Dark Brotherhood, who offer him a deal.

Dovahkiin agrees to help the Brotherhood save a captured member from the Necromancers, in exchange for a cure to his vampirism.

8-bit Cinema: Blade Runner

CineFix presents: Blade Runner retold via old-school 8-bit (& a little 16-bit :) game tech. No quarters or controllers required!

8-bit Cinema “gamifies” your favorite Hollywood Blockbusters into 80’s arcade and NES inspired action!

Can you guess what games inspired this old school video game version of Blade Runner?

Magic Beard: A Stop-Motion Video of Amazing Beard Tricks

Never let a good beard go to waste.

What a joy it is to watch this video take off and know so many people are getting a good laugh from me pulling celery out of my beard.

This stop motion video was built over time—lots of time—with an iPhone app called Stop Motion Studio (there are similar apps for Android) and edited it further in Adobe Premiere Pro. / #MagicBeard

Gran Turismo 6 Concept Movie: Vision Gran Turismo

Vision Gran Turismo is a project in which the world’s automotive manufacturers, carrozzerias , and other global brands develop and announce concept cars for Gran Turismo. This is a present for Gran Turismo and its fans commemorating the 15th anniversary of the series.

To introduce just a part of the concepts that will be making an appearance, there are cars such as the “Alfa Romeo 6C Biposto Vision Gran Turismo”, “Volkswagen Golf GTI Vision Gran Turismo”, and “BMW Vision Gran Turismo”; cars that point to the future of automobiles. Fans who have supported the 15 Years of Gran Turismo have an opportunity to experience this excitement and pleasure with us.

This project will be released in order between 2013 and 2014, through online updates to Gran Turismo 6.

This concept movie is a visualization of the philosophy behind Vision Gran Turismo.