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The Elder Scrolls Online: Character Creation

Creating your character is an important part of The Elder Scrolls Online, and we want to provide you with the tools you need to create the hero you want to play.

Discover some of the customization options you’ll have in this video, and find out more about ESO at

ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.

Morirse Como Un Pendejo en Caracas #QueremosVivirEnCaracas

Movimiento de gente que piensa que Caracas, a pesar de todos sus problemas, es el lugar donde quiere vivir #QueremosVivirEnCaracas

Parodia de “Dumb ways to Die” - Metro, Australia.

DIY: Build a Zoetrope [Sick Science]

Vision and the way our brains perceive what we are seeing are incredible. Just think of optical illusions, 3D images, the fact that your eyes are processing the world around you upside-down!

A fun trick to play on your eyes and brain uses a zoetrope. This fantastic tool is able to change multiple still images, into a moving animation that would make Walt Disney jealous.

Fracking Explained: Opportunity or Danger? (Infographic)

Fracking is a controversial topic. On the one side the gas drilling companies, on the other citizens opposed to this drilling method. Politicians are also divided on the matter.

We try to take a neutral look on fracking. It is relevant for all of us, because of high prices for energy and the danger for our drinking water.

This video focuses mostly on the debate currently ongoing in europe. In a lot of european countries there is a public outcry against fracking, espacially in germany. But the facts in this video are relevant to all of us.

GTA V - Art in Motion 2 (Animated Launch Trailer)

I would like to celebrate this event with my animated trailer, as I said “Everyone loves art by Rockstar Games, but that if they would come to life!”


Created by Ferino Design


Music: Souls Of Mischief - 93 Till Infinity (KidLogic Remix)

The Seussing Dead: Walking Dead Meets Dr. Seuss [I’d Watch That!]

On streets and in hollows, In building and house, The Walkers are walking, Shoving guts in their snouts!

Walking Dead’s back this October
And in honor of the show
Dr. Seuss recaps the third season