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GTA V - Art in Motion 2 (Animated Launch Trailer)

I would like to celebrate this event with my animated trailer, as I said “Everyone loves art by Rockstar Games, but that if they would come to life!”


Created by Ferino Design


Music: Souls Of Mischief - 93 Till Infinity (KidLogic Remix)

The Seussing Dead: Walking Dead Meets Dr. Seuss [I’d Watch That!]

On streets and in hollows, In building and house, The Walkers are walking, Shoving guts in their snouts!

Walking Dead’s back this October
And in honor of the show
Dr. Seuss recaps the third season

EPIC ANIMATION: COIN (Animated Fan Film)

Donovan Murdock loves his Coin, when stolen from him, he will stop at nothing in this rock ‘em sock ‘em beat ‘em up! Take a nostalgic journey with Donovan as he travels through yesterdays most memorable video games!


Classic Batman Intro (1966) Re-Created in Stop Motion

Holy caped crusaders, Batman!

About 40 years ago, Adam West and Burt Ward socked and blapped its way into televisions around the world. Team Reckless Abandonment worked countless hours to pay tribute to the dark night and his young ward. Bam!

This isn’t lego Batman. Mattel’s newly released line of ’60s Batman inspired action figures worked perfectly to bring this classic TV intro to life. Oklahoma City-based folk band, O’Fidelis, lent its musical talents to cover the catchy “Batman” theme song and Nathan Poppe once again supplied hand-drawn backgrounds to complete the fun. Oooof!

EPIC BATTLE! Goku vs Superman Flipbook Animation

Goku vs Superman in an epic battle by etoilec1.

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