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Flipbook: Top 5 Best Goals of FIFA World Cup 2014

Top 5 best goals of FIFA World Cup 2014 version flipbook!

By Etoilec1

James <3

Spiders Tune Their Webs Like A Guitar

Pluck the silk of a spiderweb and it vibrates like a guitar string, scientists say. By strumming the strands and detecting the vibrations via sensors in its legs, a spider information about meals and mates.

(full story @ NPR)

Zzzzy The Dying Bee: A Sad Animated Look At Honeybees’ Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) [Animation Domination High-Def]

Honey Oat Hole-E-O’s are every kid’s favorite part of breakfast! Zzzzy the Bee makes it with all his friends! And they’re all dying. All the bees are dying. Help.

Mario Warfare - Part 8 (Final)

The final episode of Mario Warfare is here! If you’ve missed the previous episodes, you can watch them all right here.

A huge thanks to kickstarter supporters, including: Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki (check out his production company, James Conason, and Cody D Walton.

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Frozen is the New Black (Frozen + Orange is the New Black)

After “Frozen” ends, “Frozen is the new black” begins, as Elsa must serve time in princess prison for freezing the kingdom of Arendelle.