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Butts + Mutts [COSMO]

Watch shirtless male models do push-ups with adorable puppies.

Warning: “Buuuuutts annnd muuuuutts” is going to get stuck in your head after this.

Director/Producer: Liz Lanteri
Assistant Producer: Lee Havlicek
Post-Production Supervisor: Liz Dewey
Editors: Andrew Lyman-Clarke, Marcos Levy & Ed Kulzer
Shooters: Kristina Carucci, Danny Dwyer & Robbie Gregson
Song By: Sarah Dooley & Evan Johnston

If you’d like to adopt Michael, Zoe, Jod-ee, Roger or Boshka, please contact

José’s Trained Dogs to Sniff Down Wi-Fi

We all have done absurd things to find Wi-Fi on holiday: but you´ve never seen anything as crazy as “Wi-Fi Dogs”, a new Spanish business. 

Watch how José and his probably-too-good-to-be-true dogs lead tourists on improbable journeys in search of the Internet connection. Despite their efforts, we believe there’s a better way to spend your summer: looking for the fun and not for the Wi-Fi.

LOL: Jurassic Goat (Jurassic Park Goat Version)

Here’s your ration of screaming goats for today.

Las cabras pueden ser más peligrosas que un dinosaurio. Sobretodo si se ponen a cantar.

16 Nations’ Dogs Face Off in Animal Planet’s ‘World Pup’

Hoping for similar success as with the annual ‘Puppy Bowl,’ Animal Planet’s new ‘World Pup’ matches World Cup countries’ representative dog breeds in a 16-team Internet voting bracket. Jen Markham explains.

My Super Saiyan Cat Saved My Son (Parody) [Have You Ever Seen… - Episode 1]

A short parody of the video that recently went viral of a cat that saved a boy from a dog.

Thank god this cat is over 9000! And also that’s what you get when you cross Phoenix Wright world with Dragon Ball Z.