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Super Mario Cat (In Real Life)

Here’s a real-life feline version of Super Mario… because on the Internet, nothing is as awesome as cats and video games, and when you combine them, you get instant online celebrity.

What is the cat doing while Mario is not at home…

Meanwhile in Russia: Shawarma Kombat! [OMG]

Watch as this chef pulls off some serious combo moves on a couple of orders of shawarma.

Fortunately, Sub-Zero isn’t there to freeze him out. Oh, and we’re craving Middle Eastern food for lunch now.

(vía The Awesomer)

…menos mal no es un bartender D:

Meanwhile in Russia: Angry Russian Thinks Moving Car’s Windscreen is a Soccer Ball

The driver of the vehicle with the dash-mounted camera stops just ahead of a narrow street with room for one vehicle at a time. However, the scene that follows is almost unbelievable.

As the car passes, you will undoubtedly notice a man on the car’s hood, kicking violently at the windscreen. What could have caused such a violent display of kicking power?

Also, you will notice that the windscreen is already broken and on the verge of caving in, onto the driver, who must have really annoyed the man perched atop his hood, but we can’t really see how any traffic-related incident could have led to this…

(story from Carscoops)