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Paralympics - London 2012 - Sport doesn’t care who you are - Everyone can take part - Samsung

London 2012 Paralympics - Sport doesn’t care where you’re from, if you’re a man or a woman, tall, thin, big or short. Sport doesn’t care how you got here, how much money you make, what you believe in or not.

It doesn’t care if you have two legs, one leg or wheels. Sport only cares that you’re here to take part and give your all to win.


Este es el nuevo logo de Microsoft. ¿Cómo le caería este estilo a otros logos? Para los que no han leído la noticia: Si, Microsoft cambia oficialmente de logo a tiempo para lanzar Windows 8. Se nota que alguien perdió su licencia de Photoshop y prefirió usar Paint para rediseñar el logo en vez de bajarse una copia pirata de internet.

WTF: Bugatti Veyron Pulled Over by Police Bicycle!

Definition of Irony? 1001bhp Veyron being stopped by a Policeman on a push bike!!! This is a rare site for a car like this to be pulled over.

The Olympics definitely means more police. This incident only occurred due to no front number plate!

Policeman wasting everyones time!!