WTF: Beverly Hills Police Overreact for Traffic Stop

Last week I was in Beverly Hills at my friends house when we noticed a car being pulled over by a Beverly Hills police officer.

Right after we saw the first police car we saw at least 15 - 20 police cars come flying to the scene with officers jumping out of their cars with their guns drawn.

At this point I didn’t have time to grab my Canon 5d mk3 so I turned on my cell phone camera and started recording. The police were so focused on arresting the driver and passenger they didn’t notice me recording behind my friends fence until after both occupants of the car were detained.

I still wonder if the helicopter that was called in saw me along the fence and reported it to the officers below.

Regardless this was a crazy scene to witness in Beverly Hills where you would think crime is non-existant. After quite some time both girls were taken out of handcuffs and not even arrested but the car they were driving was reported stolen so it was taken away by the police.

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