Wheelsandmore 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider ‘Black Widow’

German tuning firm Wheelsandmore may have chosen to call its latest Ferrari 458 Italia program “Perfetto”, which is Italian for perfect, but clearly, Black Widow is a far more appropriate name for its tune.

Wisely, Wheelsandmore’s opted for very subtle styling tweaks that entail the use of carbon fiber parts for the rear diffusor, fuel cap, rear fog lamp frames, mirrors and spoiler fins. The same lightweight material is used for the interior décor as well as trunk and engine compartments.

Upon request, the company can replace the wheel housings and the entire under-floor with special carbon-fiber parts. The tuner says that using all elements of the ‘Perfetto’ program will reduce the 458 Italia Spider’s weight by around 30kg or 66 pounds.

The makeover also includes new tailpipes and 21-inch forged rims with Hankook S1Evo tires size 245/30 on the front axle and 345/25 on the rear.

With the use of new manifolds, a valve-controlled sports exhaust system, a software upgrade and a carbon-airbox, Wheelsandmore lifts the V8 engine’s output from 562hp (570PS) and 539Nm (398 lb-ft) to 638hp (647PS) and (468 lb-ft).

Wheelsandmore did not release pricing details for its new program.

(vía Carscoop)

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