What Really Happens at Comic-Con (Music Video)

What it’s really like to be at San Diego Comic Con, songified.

Written by: Chad Neidt
Performed by: Chad Neidt and Andy Riesmeyer
Produced by: Andy Riesmeyer
Executive Producer for DweebCast: Jesse Gill


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in LEGO!

The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer completely redone in LEGO!

Directed by Forrest Whaley
Animation by Sean Willets & Forrest Whaley
Production Assistance provided by Paul Hollingsworth

Guardians of the Galaxy © 2014 Marvel. Rated PG-13.
IMAX© is a registered trademark of the IMAX Corporation.

Science: Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other’s Butts? [Reactions]

We are getting to the bottom of one of the biggest quandaries in science: Why dogs sniff each other’s butts. Turns out this behavior is just one of many interesting forms of chemical communication in the animal kingdom.

Dogs use a special feature called the Jacobsen’s Organ to get chemical signals from their nose sent directly to their brain.


Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2014

Deadpool decides to crash Comic-Con International again.

D-Piddy as Deadpool

Editing: D-Piddy
Camera: Chris Cayabyab
Music: Tim McMorris - On Top Of The World


Adam Savage Incognito at Comic-Con 2014 [Tested]

Ever year, Adam Savage walks the floor of Comic-Con incognito, hidden in plain view wearing one of his elaborate cosplay costumes.

This year, Adam debuts a costume he has been working on for almost a decade: the space suit from Ridley Scott’s Alien!

Scientifically Accurate™: Sonic The Hedgehog [Animation Domination High-Def]

Gotta Go Fast! Hedgehogs are gross and Knuckles is terrifying.

Note: The process described in this video is “anointing,” described by Wikipedia thusly: When the animal encounters a new scent, it will lick and bite the source, then form a scented froth in its mouth and paste it on its spines with its tongue. The specific purpose of this ritual is unknown.